1/10 4wd RC 2020 Ford GT MK II Kit, w/ TT-02 Chassis
This R/C model assembly kit recreates the 2020 Ford GT Mk II track-only supercar. The MK II was built to celebrate Fords race winning heritage at Le Mans which was accomplished with the legendary GT40 MKII back in 1966. This...
1/10 RC Mercedes-Benz Unimog 406 Kit, w/ CC-02S Chassis
RC MERCEDES-BENZ UNIMOG 406DESCRIPTIONThe multi-purpose Mercedes-Benz Unimog is a truck with unrivalled off-road performance and its name is an acronym which stands for the German description "Universal-Motor-Gerat." The 406, which also has the ability to equip any of approximately 3,000...
1/10 RC Super Astute Buggy Kit, 2018 Limited Edition
This is a Limited-Edition Re-Release of the Super Astute 2WD off-road buggy. The original radio control kit was released back in 1991. The basic construction and design of the model remains true to the original, with various minor upgrades. Super...
1/10 RC Super Clod Buster Kit (2/21/2022)
The Super Clod Buster is back! This monster truck features a body that was inspired by classic pick-up trucks from the 1980's, giving it a realistic appearance. The front grille, air intake and roll bar are recreated with metal-plated parts....
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1/10 RC Toyota GR Supra TT-02 Kit (TAM58674)
The Supra has not been in production since 2002 and Toyota has brought it back thanks to a collaborative effort with BMW. The chassis, drivetrain, and engine are based on the BMW Z4. The body and suspension tuning were developed...
$162.99 $110.00
1/10 RC Volkswagen Scirocco GT Kit, w/ TT-01 Type-E Chassis & Black Painted Body
This radio control car kit recreates the VW Scirocco GT. Tamiya has faithfully recreated the Scirocco for radio control enthusiasts with a polycarbonate body that comes pre-painted in black with the windows tinted in Tamiya PS-31 Smoke. The aggressive looking...
1/10 X-SA Hornet Buggy
The classic Tamiya Hornet joins the X-SA series, a childhood dream for many early R/C fans and still a highly popular model today.About the X-SA seriesKits are a big part of what Tamiya does, but they also understand that some...
Cam-Program Robot Kit, Gun Metal - blue
Cam-Program Robot Kit, Gun Metal and OrangeThis is a Gun Metal and Orange color variation of the popular Cam-Program Robot. The Educational Construction series assembly kit aims to help everyone enjoy the fun and informative world of building. The Cam-Program...
$50.00 $40.00
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JR Oval Home Circuit,
$133.99 $103.99
JR Oval Home Circuit,
JR Oval Home Circuit, 2 Level Lane Change / DCR-01 / 02 LimitedThis is a highly attractive Mini 4WD track set for beginners or young Mini 4WD fans. It contains the Oval Home Circuit with curve sections in black plus...
$133.99 $103.99
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JR Racing Mini 4WD Circuit - Japan Cup Junior Circuit
JR Racing Mini 4WD Circuit - Japan Cup Junior Circuit This is a standard three-lane oval racing circuit for Tamiya's Mini 4WD racing car models. It is made from light and sturdy ABS resin plastic. The track is quick and...
$328.99 $259.99
JR Starter Pack MA Power Spec Blast Arrow, 1/32 Scale
JR Starter Pack MA Power Spec Blast Arrow, 1/32 ScaleThis starter pack is a great first purchase for those just getting into Mini 4WD, or for racers who want to experiment with already-tuned machines. The assembly kit of the popular...
$27.50 $22.00
Mercedes-Benz G 500 CC-02 Plastic Model Kit
Get ready to do some fun trail exploration with the Tamiya CC-02 (Cross Country 2) chassis platform! Tamiya's designers have been hard at work to bring R/C enthusiasts the next generation of Tamiya trail driving with a completely revamped machine.The...
The Tamiya Monster Beetle was a classic R/C phenomenon from the 1980's. After a long absence it is back as an updated assembly kit ready to traverse back yards across the country. The model features a stylized version of the...
RC 1/24 Volvo A60H Hauler G6- 01 Kit, w/ Pre-Painted Cab
The G6-01 chassis has seen some fun fictitious 6-wheelers and some real-life vehicle inspirations in the form of a school bus and semi-truck. This truck recreates a subject in the form of a working vehicle: Volvo's A60 hauler. The actual...
The Russian Heavy Tank JS-2 was developed to overthrow the German Tiger I. The JS-2 was put into production in the latter half of WWII in December 1943 and had a long, powerful 122mm gun as well as superior mobility....
Things just got realer. Starting with the 1/16 R/C sensation of the Tiger I Early Production, and then with the M4 Sherman 105mm Howitzer, Tamiya continues to develop its 1/16 R/C Tank Series. The third full-option kit to make its...
Remote Controlled Forklift
$51.00 $39.99
Remote Controlled Forklift
This kit includes a 3-channel remote control with self-neutral control sticks to operate the forward/reverse, left/right turning, and up/down fork movements. The vehicle body and seat are made from durable plastic material while the fork, mast, and chain are metal...
$51.00 $39.99
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